Pulpers and Finishers

Langsenkamp's pulpers and finishers provide the widest choice of materials and types of perforation available.  Satisfactoy separation or refining of product by use of pulpers or finishers depends upon the types product and screens selected.  Since 1868, Langsenkamp has been providing superior quality separating equipment to the food processing industry.


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Model 1000

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    The Langsenkamp line of pulpers lead the industry in quality and value.  Each unit is constructed with the following industry leading features:

      Impeller or Crusher has sharp, jagged teeth which tear and shred the incoming material before forcing it through the crusher partition

      Paddle Assembly consist of four paddles attached o front and rear paddle arms.  In addition to the "Instant Control" feature provided by the Adjusting Wheel, paddles may be moved in or out diametrically with quick-acting screws to make initial clearance setting.

      One-Piece Screen has no open joints or laps for undesireable material to leak through into finished product.  Its tapered shape induces a horizontal reaction from paddle pressure, spreading incoming material evenly over the whole screen surface. 

      Leak proof Hood and Underpan are made from a single sheet of stainless steel fastened securely to intake and discharge end castings.  This construction prevents contact of the finished product with the outside air, retards enzymic action and prevents escape of vapor.

Langsenkamp is the premium name in finishers.  Handling up to 75 gpm, finishers are designed to remove objectionable foreign particles and give the finished product fine texture and smooth velvety appearance.  Langsenkamps manufactures both can be paddle-type and also tapered screen brush that can be designed to allow nearly any raw material to be processed into the desired consistency.

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