The Langsenkamp Rotary Coil is the most efficient and economical means available to attain and maintain Hot Break temperatures. It is designed specifically to induce fast, high, even heat to arrest enzymic action and to set up pectin to preserve color, flavor and yield. Units are available for tonnages from 15 to 35 per hour where boiler horse-power and condensate return lines are adequate for temperature rises from ambient to 200 plus degrees.

Copper Rotary Coil

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Twin Pass Rotary Coil
The twin pass coil is designed to increase the evaporation rate of your product. This type of unit eliminates "burn-on" by providing continual agitation in the processing or holding tank. The twin pass design reduces the steam pressure drop through the coil to assure optimum use of the steam. The heat transfer rate of our twin pass coil is equal to 141% of conventional single or double coils. The fabricated coil can be accomplished in either copper or stainless steel. The stainless steel will yield a somewhat lower evaporation rate but is ideal in corrosive environments.

  Features include: non-lubricated graphite bearings, Johnson rotary joints with quick release nipples, stainless steel structural members to allow expansion and contraction without damage to the coil.

Fixed Cooking Coils
     The Kook-More coil has been designed to give maximum evaporating efficiency, ease of cleaning and simplicity of piping. This coil is built using three complete rounds of three-inch tubing. Each round is continuously supplied with fresh steam from divided headers. Condensation is eliminated in the discharge section of each header. This is accomplished at the end of every round of travel.

   The coils can be furnished ready for installation in your equipment or as part of a complete cooking system built in our factory. The coils come in copper or stainless steel and come in three standard sizes:
  * twenty-seven inch
  * forty-two inch and
  * sixty-inch diameter.
The forty-two inch is ideal for a 500-gallon tank. It can be combined with a sixty-inch coil to meet the demands of a 1000-gallon tank. Adding a twenty-seven inch coil inside the forty-two inch coil can further increase heating capacity.

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