Product Preparation

Batch and continuous processing systems require clean, efficient tanks and material processing equipment. We produce top quality products that store, heat, blend, and move your product through each stage. We build custom stainless steel tanks for cleaning, blanching, holding, cooking, heating, cooling, mixing, and blending. Tanks from 250 to 4000 gallons, heat exchangers, can openers and crushers.

Can Opener

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       Our custom built tanks are currently supporting food, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial processing applications. They include open and closed top, rotary and fixed heating or cooking coils, and mixing, agitation or hot break systems. Our tanks feature heavy duty stainless steel construction and standard sizes range from 250 to 1500 gallons. We also have the ability to fabricate tanks in larger sizes or different materials if the need exists.

Heat Exchangers
    Heat exchangers are designed and built to fit the specific needs of our customers. We also repair and rebuild heat exchangers for processing, temperature control, process stabilization and heat dissipation.

Can Openers
   Our can opener is designed specifically for use with #10, #12 and 5 Kilo cans. It has been designed to open and rinse these cans on a production basis. Using a hardened four-inch tubular stainless steel piercing plunger, this can opener will process fifteen cans per minute. This unit has a built in conveyor that feeds a star wheel to insure proper positioning of each can even if the can is damaged. Once the can has been pierced a high-pressure rinse head is introduced to complete the evacuation of product. The product is flushed into a built in holding tank that has a standard three inch Tri-Clamp fitting for drainage or pumping to the next step in your process.

Can Crushers
    The standard automatic can crusher has been developed to work with our can opener or to be used as a stand alone unit for the disposal of containers of any size or shape up to five gallons. When the container is removed from the crusher it has been compressed to a thickness of less than 5/8". The capacity of this machine is one hundred #10 cans per minute.

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