Material Handling

  Moving product from the truck or dock through the processing line requires many types of handling equipment.  Warner can custom build products to accomplish these tasks.  We sell pallet trucks, and we fabricate conveyors/elevators, pumps, tables and carts for any application.

 While many conveying needs can be met by standard designs and specifications, many others cannot. Our standard conveyors include inclined, inline, elevating or sorting type conveyors. The inclined conveyor consists of a flat belt conveyor with flexwall belt for containing product while allowing a completely sanitary edge with no roll off or spillage of product. The inline version utilizies a flat belt with product rake off and separation. Intake and discharge can be arranged to fit any application. Elevator conveyors consist of molded neoprene flights in a full range of sizes. Sorting conveyors incorporate a flat flexwall belt designed for inspection of sorting. Additionally, we can custom build conveyors or elevators. All conveyors include delrin return roller bearings and can be built in any length or width. This service can be especially valuable in setting up new product lines or remodeling existing lines.

Food Carts
     The movement of product from one location to another often requires the use of specialized carts. We have the capability to build carts in any size or material to fit your needs. These carts can be used for process support, transport, storage or refuse. Langsenkamp carts can handle pre-packaged or packaged product and can have a fixed height or are self-adjusting to reduce the fatigue factors for your employees.

Preparation Tables
 In almost all processes there comes a time when the product must be handled for sorting, cutting, cleaning, visual inspection or other requirements. We can supply custom-built tables in any size or shape to maximize your floor space and enhance the process flow. These tables can be fabricated from any Aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel depending upon application. Additionally our tables can be fixed height or adjustable.

 When the requirements for pumping product through your process becomes an option, we can supply progressive cavity or auger type pumps. Each pump is outfitted to handle your specialized needs. From pipe inlet to hopper inlet, stationary or portable, our pumping systems move your product quickly and efficiently.

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